Welcome to the Quadrant Eye jobs page

Quadrant Eye (QE) is a deep tech startup that is bringing high-quality eyecare to all.

You'll likely enjoy working at QE if you:

• Thrive with lots of autonomy.

• Value being part of a team and can embrace remote-specific teamwork challenges.

• Can think both abstractly and concretely.

• Communicate clearly and kindly.

• Are willing to experiment quickly and publicly.

• Can accept imperfection and own up to inevitable mistakes.

• Want to make a positive impact on the world.Are endlessly curious.

Interested in joining our team?
Here are next steps:


Email jobs@quadranteye.com with the job title as the subject line e.g. "Head of Research." or "Senior Software Engineer"

In this email, please:
• Attach your latest resume/CV (and portfolio, if in design).
• Write down the name and email address of the person who referred you (if applicable.)


We see interviews as the opportunity to assess culture fit and team dynamics. We want to get a sense of how well we'll work together.

We respect your time and make decisions fast

Please refer your friends! We're offering a $2500 finder’s fee for each position.