Welcome, fellow MDs and ODs!

Together, let's bring high-quality eyecare
to everyone.

About us

Quadrant Eye (QE) is a new remote eyecare company. We were started by Quinn Wang, a Duke and UCSF-trained comprehensive ophthalmologist, and Kristine Yoshihara, a UC Berkeley-trained software engineer with a computer vision/AI background.

Our mission is to create a remote eyecare platform that improves eyecare access while empowering ECPs. We're backed by Y-Combinator (YC,) the venture fund behind Curebase, Benchling, Nurx, and TruePill.

We'd like to emphasize that QE is first and foremost a physician-led company. Our provider-facing goal is to amplify rather than diminish the reach of individual ECPs. Consequently, we are always seeking the feedback and input of practicing MDs and ODs as we refine our product.

Healthcare is undergoing rapid, dramatic changes. Every single specialty is going to have to adapt in unexpected ways, and ophthalmology/optometry are no exception. QE is here to ensure that MDs and ODs have a powerful say in the way patients receive their remote eyecare.

Why participate in online eyecare?

In this new digital eyecare era, patients are increasingly seeking out more convenient eyecare solutions. As a result, we've seen the proliferation of technology like online vision tests. Although the current clinical utility of these exams is limited, it's undeniable that online eye exams have several valid use cases — on-call triage, for example — which providers can leverage to stay on the cutting-edge of eyecare.

Patients clearly appreciate the convenience of online vision tests. It is also only a matter of time before these exams become more sophisticated and therefore increasingly impactful in clinical decision-making.

online vision tests only begin to scratch the surface of remote eyecare. It's important that we as providers actively participate in and guide the evolution of these exams -- the earlier we collaborate with the technology sector, the more control we'll have over the digital eyecare trajectory.

What are the benefits of joining the QE team?

For those interested in getting more involved in telemedicine, QE is a great option. We provide the patient volume while giving you complete schedule flexibility. We also don't have any stressful quotas for you to meet. QE is a great way to earn extra income, access new patients, and learn about telemedicine as quickly or slowly as you prefer.

What will be the scope of my responsibilities once I join the QE team?

QE offers video consultations and glasses/contact lens prescription renewals on an out-of-pocket basis.

Once you join, you will be assigned patients who are located within the state(s) you are licensed to practice in; in the beginning, the bulk of your patient encounters will likely consist of RX renewals.

Are there any full-time positions?

We are currently only hiring on a contract basis and will post full-time positions as they become available.

Do I need to pay any onboarding fees to use your platform?

No. There are no fees associated with becoming a QE provider.

Do I need to download/integrate any software?

No. QE is a browser-based platform. Computer aside, the only technological requirement is a reliable internet connection.

Are you HIPAA compliant?

Yes, all patient data is transmitted via a secure records system.

Will my malpractice, licensure and continuing education credits be covered?

At this time, we are only engaging providers on a contract basis. This means that our providers are responsible for maintaining and covering these costs themselves.

What are the requirements to join the QE team?

An active license (multiple states are preferred but not required,) active malpractice coverage, no pending disciplinary action, and no conflicts of interests (e.g. working for another telemedicine company in this space.)