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Eye care is at the forefront of innovation. Necessity, after all, is the mother of all invention: more and more of the global population, young and old alike, is suffering from diabetic eye disease, nearsightedness, and other chronic conditions.

It is critical that we increase the reach and availability of high-quality eye care. While online eye care might seem counterintuitive (what about all those gadgets? what about that air puff test?) it is the logical starting point for the eye care revolution.

Online eye exams, when used correctly, can improve eye health outcomes. They can help detect otherwise unknown eye problems. They can also save patients time, money, and stress by providing important services like triaging acute issues and renewing prescriptions.

Quadrant Eye came about after Dr. Quinn Wang, a Duke and UCSF-trained ophthalmologist, cared for a patient who went blind during shelter-in-place. A mix of fear, confusion, and lack of insurance prevented him from receiving the appropriate care. Had he known about the emerging existence of online eye exams, his story would have had a dramatically different outcome.

Quadrant Eye wants to make sure this never happens again. We're here to change the story of eye care for good.

Our mission is simple: to bring eye care to you.

Official Team Bios

Quinn Wang, MD

CEO and Founder

Dr. Quinn Wang is a Duke and UCSF-trained cataract surgeon with an interest in efficient, tech-enabled models of patient care. Her areas of expertise include telemedicine, age-related macular degeneration, and immediately sequential bilateral cataract surgery (ISBCS.) In addition to designing a clinical trial (NCT03199911,) she has published papers on antibiotic prophylaxis, glaucoma, and retinal degeneration. Outside of medicine, Dr. Wang enjoys backcountry skiing, literature, and modern art.



Duke University - BA, MD
Tulane University - Internal Medicine
University of California SF - Ophthalmology

Kristine Yoshihara

CTO and Founder

Kristine has spent the last few years building startups from the ground up, most recently as CTO of group travel startup Excursion and before that, as engineer #6 at a16z + alphabet backed UnitedMasters. Outside of the startup world, she has published research in biology, data mining, and computer science journals. She received her B.A. and Masters from UC Berkeley.



UC Berkeley - BA
UC Berkeley - M.Sc

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